Monday, 27 February 2012


Theme of the blog has changed over the time and its high time I said what has been going on in order to reflect the change of theme. Its called undergoing through a revolution like one on-course for our dear country. its so longer business UN-usual (yah I mean just that). Reason I say this is because we have already identified the problems that are ailing us  as  couples,  citizens, friends. Family, so its time to act on and no cry baby or activism, its each and everyone to rise up above safe havens or comfort or basically rigidness to change.(like our current fallen *heros* I guess the almighty just took them to avoid them making it more difficult to change or be in situations worse  than ‘multiple organ failures’ rather allow change to take over grudgingly. You know if there’re people who would sing, "I run newyork=kenya", its them, look from the point of tax levies through business empires they owned  or massive employment  opportunity they have created by either ill acquired or genuine wealth, lemmi not get into things not factual) its time to be part of the solution *BOTTOM LINE*.

 So what,????!! I fight with PM does it mean am the first/last to have one, haven’t noone else ever researched about these family woes before and identified  its root causes of squabbles, and solutions? Yes,
 there have been! It is time to break the manuals that have been used over time and hardly worked and change systems and approaches towards challenges. Example “the old golden tools of farming like forks and jembes that were here when *two cents* meant more than enough food on tables now cannot handle  growing economy and population to accommodate all its needs.So systems need get replaced in order to achieve that 2030 dream of food security. But hii ucapitalism perpetrated by a certain elites in leadership positions, that, “everyone work for whatever they need,”?......  there’re those who don’t have just the opportunity to rise above their inferiority complex, past injustices, emotional breakdowns, abject poverty, mind paralysis name it…... Sure there have been many success stories of rugs to riches example the current former minister with rugs to riches legacy (currently deceased) but you know how we have used systems we head to the benefit of thy selves  in the name, “man for himself others later!”?

Its an era of actions now with positivity and solution based, sio kuteta tu aty police corrupt and you first compromised him with the cash to cover his eyes and then go condemning whereas we/ you are part of the problem. It starts with changing the mindsets of you and i.

Theme changes as a result of change in mentality and movement from a certain phase of life where the eyeopening is involved in order to realize our full potentials. Without challenges many would remain as blind as bats! Its time to stop the venting and work on “WHAT NEXT” What’s the way forward??.

In life various phases will take place and its up to me to jot them down as they come, at the same time remaining relevant to the aim, that is of learning out of these experiences and helping my readership too feel at peace also, for my own daughter’s reference in future,(generational learning) Majorly for my own consumption but as I said earlier good readership is a good side effect. It’ll also be upon me to reflect back once in a while , “what was I thinking?” that’s good and possible in documented stuff.

Right now I am in a phase of optimism , open to new opportunities. No cry baby over ‘spilt milk, missed buses’ but rising above critical issues to solutions, putting focus and generally advocacy because it all begins with you and I to change mindsets of a whole society.

Though society still thinks of material gain as the *BACK-UP* to whatEVER you are saying in the name of, “wewe na hizo advocacy zako tuonyeshe umefika wapi?”they don’t know there’s richness of thought???...., I tell unto you too, “What/how does it fulfill a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?”.

Isn't it amazing how people are free and open to talk about issues and speak out nowadays, of inequities,  oppressions, negative  ethnicity  and all, kweli chambilecho wahenga wa nyakanga hawakukosea waliponena, “amani haipatikani ila kwa ncha ya upanga”??? Since our previous blow-up of issues regarding all injustices that have happened in this country , negative ethnicity, inequities, social class disparities, marginalization, all in the name of P.E.V after incitements by a political elite in the name of “divide and rule”. We have been able to rise above that and we now speaking in one language of issues facing ordinary Kenyans irregardless whether its ‘their person’ in power! Rwanda has also been a very good bench mark of rising from nothings and wars.

Even if the current leadership does not leave behind any other legacy other than the Subaru one, as they leave the country to the revolutionists, visionaries, focused , vibrant, youthful at heart and mindful of other people, as a result of the freedom to speak out issues, there  will be the inevitable change by the end of this year and for that we’ll thank them. There’s freedom of speech, dialogues, open forums that is the stepping stone to the society we want in future and that is all we will thank them for and infrastructure improvement, at least they tried, right??.

In this world you don’t have  your way all the time in fact hardly do we, in a way you could say, “your happiness comes first”? NO!, rather its all about compromising in more ways than one (146 ways indeed)! In order to encompass all mankind as a way forward strategy, otherwise if we keep fighting for the unequally shared resources even you who have grabbed them for own consumption and comfort-ability, will not enjoy, for there’s always the danger  and fear of theft by those lacking better ways to earn a living and this since you’ve created no opportunities, another fear of being caught up by the law, nature’s way of disciplining one to acquire virtues and avoid ignorance like a guy I saw on TV who has really gone through major accidents just because of ignorance, every time Almighty using each as a lesson but he discovered too late(anyway story for another day!)…..alluta continua…..

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